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Ellora Management is the talent management division of Ellora Designs, LLC

Ahmad JamalHiromiMarialy Pacheco& more!

Ahmad Jamal Hiromi Marialy
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Ahmad Jamal

Pianist-Composer Ahmad Jamal

2017 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient!

We were established in 1982 with the signing of Ahmad Jamal. Our artists perform around the world and represent the leading edge in performance and composition. Read more...

Ahmad's Latest Release:
Ahmad Jamal - Marseille

Purchase Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad's "Live in Marciac"
Ahmad Jamal -  Live in Marciac

Purchase Ahmad Jamal
Live in Marciac

September 2013 ReleaseAhmad Jamal - Saturday Morning
Ahmad Jamal - Saturday Morning

Marialy Pacheco
Pianist-Composer Marialy Pacheco

"... electrifying onstage." Geno Thachara all-about-jazz

Pianist-Composer Hiromi

Hiromi returns with a new tour and live album with the Colombian harpist Edmar Castañeda!

Keyboard Magazine Interview with Hiromi:
Hiromi's Surprising New Duo Project with Harpist Edmar Castañeda

Hiromi's 10th Album

Spark enters the Current and Traditional Jazz charts at #1! Hiromi's Spark album is also #5 on Heatseekers and #116 on the Billboard Top Current charts!

In 2001, we signed Hiromi and she is becoming a national treasure in the United States and is changing the musical landscape worldwide. She is another blessing in this office because of her inner Spirit...pure, focused, and extremely gifted.

Read more about her release Hiromi - ALIVE ...

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Read more about 2013's Hiromi - Move ...

NPR Interview with Hiromi:
Finding Music in the Daily Din

Hiromi Photos



We are thrilled to announce the addition of Marialy Pacheco to Ellora Management's representation. The biggest appreciation so far of Marialy Pacheco’s qualities has been the winning of the Montreux Solo Piano Competition 2012. She is the first Read more...

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And we're excited to announce that a new artist has joined us - visit our New Artists page to learn more about our newest talent!

Ahmad Jamal - Saturday Morning - 2013 New Album

Ahmad Jamal -  Blue Moon
"Blue Moon" - Grammy nominated
Best Jazz Instrumental of 2012!!!

Ahmad Jamal's Blue Moon


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lotus by Armond Lara

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Ellora Management is the talent management division of Ellora Designs, LLC
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