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July 2014
The Aquarian Weekly
Mike Greenblatt -
Rant 'N' Roll: The Almighty Rock-Jazz-Blues Triumvirate Get a place ready on my 2014 Top 10 Jazz Albums

The Aquarian Weekly

Rant 'N' Roll: The Almighty Rock-Jazz-Blues Triumvirate

-by Mike Greenblatt, July 23, 2014


Get a place ready on my 2014 Top 10 Jazz Albums for the astonishing Hiromi. She's so Alive (Telarc/Concord). The 35-year-old Japanese pianist wrote all nine compositions on this, her ninth CD as a leader, fronting her Trio Project with contrabass guitarist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips, two lions who positively roar. Just ask Metallica's Robert Trujillo. He calls this music "summertime fun with a groovy dangerous swagger." Legendary jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal says that "Hiromi has discovered her own genre."

It's been 11 years of plugging away but Alive could be her breakthrough. Influenced by Jamal (her mentor) as well as McCoy Tyner and Thelonious Monk, every track is a trip of unvarnished creativity. Depending upon the track, you'd think she was a jazz-rock fusion artist, or a gospel pianist, a bebopper, a devotee of swing, a funkster, an avant-garde experimenter or a sophisticate of supper-club soul. Truth is, she's all of the above and more, a supremely talented musician who has made over an hour of the kind of music that one can only sit and stare at the speakers in abject wonder over, then play it again.


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