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Shahin Novrasli

May 2014
Jazz Weekly
George W. Harris -
PIANO TRIOS...Shahin Novrasli: Bayati, Sean McCluskey: The Beginning

PIANO TRIOS...Shahin Novrasli: Bayati, Sean McCluskey: The Beginning
by George W. Harris - May 1, 2014

European-based and Azerbaidjan born, Shahin Novrasli fronts a team with Nathan Peck/b and Ari Hoenig through a collection of originals and traditional tunes from afar. He shows his Chopinesque touch as he delves into "Prelude in E Minor" giving hints of Bill Evans along the way. Home grown pieces such as "Elinde Sazin Qurbani" and "Bayati Shiraz" have a evocative weaving to their melodicism while the subtle interplay by bass, cymbals and drums coax the lyricism of the themes along. Novrasli's own "Nocturne for Natavan" and "Autumn of Love" have a pensive inquisitiveness which has his searching fingers finding just the right key at the right time.

Boston-raised McCluskey joins together with George Fludas/dr and Dennis Carroll/b for a pair of standards and originals that show a touch that has a debt to Hancock and Corea. He's got a playful touch on Monk's "Ask Me Now" and shows a ruminating quality on the closing "Blame It On My Youth." His originals such as the slightly angular "Song for Lenny" and the sensual "Frida agus Diego" show how McCluskey can mix with angles which he bounces off of his partners, while Fludas shows his communicative skills on the poignant "France" and Carroll fills spaces with well selected lines on "Sunshine at Home." Very symbiotic workout.

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