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Shahin Novrasli

Shahin debut the Blue Note
on Monday September 12, 2016

Blue Note
131 W. 3rd St. New York City



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Pianist and composer Shahin Novrasli has had the occasion to play some of the most prestigious stages in the world, such as London’s Royal Festival Hall, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Black Sea Jazz Festival, Prague’s Mezinarodni Piano Festival and numerous clubs and festivals throughout the United States.

Growing up in Azerbaijan, Shahin’s rare talent emerged from his country’s various compositional influences as well as its unusual and rich musical heritage.

At the age of five, he began his classical studies at Azerbaijan's highest noted music school - The Bulbul Music School, and then at the Hajibeyoy Academy of Music. At only eleven years old, he performed with the local Symphony Orchestra at the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall, and at eighteen, Shahin played Rachmaninoff’s infamous and arduous “Piano Concerto N°2″before an ecstatic audience.

Elegantly blending his classical knowledge, Azerbaijan’s traditional folk “Mugham” and his jazz influences, Shahin created his own unique and accomplished musical universe, among which he combines eastern and western cultures. A gentle wave of exotic melodies, powerful and sharp harmonies, capricious eastern rhythms struck by an American Jazz lightning, majestic and vigorous. With a solo project, a trio with Ari Hoenig and Nathan Peck, countless collaborations with notably Kenny Wheeler, Iain Ballamy and Tim Garland, to name a few, Shahin is today an icon for Azerbaijan Jazz and has received enthusiastic comments from worldwide critics and audiences.

What others are saying:

"...his jazz virtuosity is often breathtaking - like Brad Mehldau's contrapuntal-improv approach delivered at blazing tempos, or Herbie Hancock's left-hand chording reworked with jarring harmonies and wilful rhythmic diversions...His touch is exquisite and his speed jaw-dropping, and if his flood-tides of sound can swamp you after an hour or so, there are more than enough startlingly fresh ideas here, from a culture still relatively unfamiliar to jazz."
The Guardian

"But most impressive was Novrasli’s highly personal approach to jazz, which stays within tradition while avoiding the obvious."
Financial Times

"Shahin Novrasli`s latest album Bayati already numbers among the most important releases of 2014."
Jazzwise Magazine

"Listening to a song like "Bayati Shiraz" traditional mugham deconstructed by Novrasli, we understand that the taste for complex rhythmics supported by an insatiable left hand are the refinement of an abstract and heady music rather than a noisy world...A great discovery, both promising and already full of maturity."

(Original French: "A l'écoute d'un morceau comme "Bayati Shiraz", traditionnel mugham déconstruit par Novrasli, on comprend que le goût prononcé pour les rythmiques complexes appuyées par une main gauche insatiable servent le raffinement d'une musique abstraite et entêtante plutôt qu'une world tapageuse...Une belle découverte, à la fois prometteuse et déjà pleine de maturité.")


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