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The biggest appreciation so far of Marialy Pacheco’s qualities has been the winning of the Montreux Solo Piano Competition 2012. She is the first woman to win this prize in the 15 year history of the competition. In the explanation of the decision Jury president Leszek Mozdzer said: "Deciding between the three contenders was tough. In the end, the contestant's joy in performing and her authenticity guided our decision making."

Born in Havana 1983, Marialy Pacheco was raised in a musical family and began piano studies from an early age at the Conservatorio Alejandro García Caturla. At 15 she attended the Escuela Nacional de Artes, followed by three years of composition studies under Tulio Peramo at the Instituto Superior de Artes in Havana.

In 2002 she won the Cuban competition Jo-Jazz, with Grammy award winner Chucho Valdes presiding over the jury. Two years later she recorded her first album "Bendiciones". The pianist moved to Germany, toured through Europe – both solo and with her trio – and built an international reputation. On the occasion of the 185-year-old jubilee of Bösendorfer, Marialy Pacheco guested in 2013 as the only Jazz act, beside classical stars like Valentina Lisitsa and Maria Mazo in the Musikverein Wien. In 2014, Marialy was announced as the first female jazz pianist worldwide to be an official "Bösendorfer Artist."

In spring 2014, her new album "Introducing" (Neuklang/Edel:Kultur) was released. After several solo albums, it is a trio album, with Juan Camilo Villa Robles on bass and Miguel Altamar de la Torre (both from Colombia) on drums. As "special guests" on the album, she was honored to be joined by German trumpet player and Echo Jazz Winner Joo Kraus, and Moroccan Rhani Krija, the Percussionist of STING.

In August 2014, she gave her debut as classical pianist and showed her musical flexibility, when she performed Bach’s g-moll concerto with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra in Brisbane/Australia, conducted by Gustavo Gimeno.

Marialy Pacheco performed at national and international festivals like Aalener Jazzfest, Enter Music Festival (Poland), St. Moritz Art Masters (Switzerland),Rheingau-Musik-Festival, ZMF Freiburg, Jazzfestival Oloron (France) Audi Jazzfestival, Ingolstädter Jazztage, Piano City Milano, Havana Jazzfestival and at Beethovenfestival Bonn.

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In January 2016, Marialy Pacheco released her limited 180g vinyl "Live Studio Album," recorded in audiophile fully analogue Direct-To-2-Track Version.

In June 2016, she presented the project "Danzon Cubano" together with WDR Funkhaus Orchestra, even presented on Live-Stream at ARTE TV concerts. The project was represented in September at the Beethovenfest in Bonn.

In April 2017 Marialy released the album "DUETS" – quite an intimate and many-faceted album to which Marialy invited her favourite musicians and friends like Hamilton de Holanda, Omar Sosa, Joo Kraus, Rhani Krija, Miguel Zenon and Max Mutzke.

In summer 2017, she guested again at Montreux Jazzfestival and gave her debut in legendary Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London.

In September 2017, Marialy again presented the project "Danzon Cubano," this time with the WDR Radio Orchestra, conducted by Gordon Hamilton in the sold out Philharmonie Köln and at the International Jazzfestival in Viersen.

In January 2018, Marialy was invited by the German Ambassador to perform two concerts in Cuba and afterward, she played at the International Jazzfestival in Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

In February 2018 she presented her first Italy-Tour together with trumpet player Joo Kraus with concerts in Milan, Naples, Catania and Palermo, followed by more concerts during the summer in Bari, Fiesole and Sardinia.

During the summer and fall of 2018, Marialy played in various line ups with the project "DUETS" – with Omar Sosa at the festival "Woman in jazz," with Rhani Krija in the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, and as well as with Joo Kraus at the Philharmonic in Luxembourg.

In December 2018, Marialy was signed by Ellora Management for worldwide representation, in the company of such amazing artists as HIROMI and Ahmad Jamal.

Marialy Pacheco is the only female pianist in the current row of famous Cuban jazz piano players; she joins Chucho Valdés, Roberto Fonseca, Omar Sosa and Gonzalo Rubalcaba as they represent Cuba’s piano talent on the world stage.

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What others are saying:

"Marialy Pacheco plays like no other. Her own compositions are breathtaking, she can twist old Standards in a new way and the classical world is also familiar to her. Great art, unique style and a magical performance - overpowering piano sound, perfectly produced on a Bösendorfer Imperial"
Hifi-Stars Magazine – (03/16 – Janis Obodda)

"Surely one of the finest piano works I have ever heard. With Marialy Pacheco the dream of every piano music lover comes true!"
LP-Magazin für analoge Hifi - und Vinyl Kultur - (02/2016 – Ralf Henke)

"When you meet Marialy and you stand right in front of her, a balance of profound spirituality, joy, clarity, strong identity, but also fragile moments spread easily and unconditionally... All this is reflected in Marialy's way of playing - a tree, which roots are deeply anchored in the tradition of Cuba, but the branches have found place anywhere in the world... These images are comprehensible to everyone who listens to Marialy's playing. No matter if she performs J.S. Bach, contemporary jazz or latin music. She is able to merge all styles into her own sound - the result is always unique and distinctive."
RHANI KRIJA, Percussionist STING

"(...) Her performance was exquisite, with multiple voices cleanly projected, a lightness of touch, a buoyant energy in the dance movements, nothing was exaggerated at all, it was pure Bach. She reminds me of the best Bach pianists. The dance lives when she plays Bach. Marialy brought a joy and beauty to the music that strictly classical pianists rarely achieve. She has an innate understanding of where this music comes from, this is part of her living tradition" (...)
RICHARD WENN, Manager Director Queensland Symphony Orchestra

"(...) With Introducing the Cuban pianist Marialy Pacheco presents herself as a highly matured instrumentalist, whose interpretations and compositions reach deep into the tradition of rhythmical analysis and reconstruction of Latin jazz idioms (...)"
AUDIO, Juni 2014, Ralf Dombrowski - Musik und Klang 4 Stars!

" (...) with Introducing she just delivered one oft he most exciting jazz-recordings of the year. We feel honored."
ACCESS! Musik-Magazin, August 2014

"(...) Marialy Pacheco embeds the rhythms of her homeland into delicate compositions. Sensitive, gentle and very intensive. A CD that invites you to pause and dream for a while."
FÜR SIE, Juni 2014, CD-Tipp

"(...) Marialy Pacheco evolves fascinating jazz-pearls from partly given, partly original compositions, sounding very up-to-date. (...) you can hear the Cuban roots of Marialy Pacheco, but I could warmly recommend this album to trio-jazz fans, too."
Hifi-Stars, Juni-August 2014, Dr. Frank Lechtenberg

"Marialy Pacheco is a classy as well as talented pianist (...) with her new record Introducing she demonstrates her awesome skills (...) A pleasure - not least because of the audiophile recording at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg!"
InMusic, Juni/Juli 2014, Rainer Guérich - 5 Sterne!

"The very first note immediately starts a pure Caribbean fire (...) With Introducing Marialy Pacheco reveals to be both a thrilling pianist and a brilliant composer and arranger (...)"
Jazz’N’More (Schweiz), Juli/August 2014, Franz X. Zipperer

"Mostly male jazz fans will favor the album-cover of the young Cuban pianist Marialy Pacheco (...) but while talking with her it immediately becomes clear that it has nothing to do with exhibitionism and sexiness - it’s sheer vitality! (...) her music has nothing to do with superficial Latin cheerfulness but is full of dark and profound shades!"
Jazzthing, Juni-August 2014, Rolf Thomas

"(...) a lady you should pay attention to in the future - especially since it might be the first time in Cuban jazz history that someone takes the bull by the horns in faraway Germany."
Kieler Nachrichten - Phono Seite, 09. Juli 2014, Oliver Stenzel

"(...) Introducing is a brilliant album. Marialy Pacheco perfectly understands to harmonize the emotional stirring vitality of Cuban music with the sophisticated coolness of contemporary jazz - both elements will raise each other. Only one thought after listening almost 70 minutes: Repeat!"
Zeitschrift für Kultur und Gesellschaft (Österreich), 17. Juni 2014, CD-Tipp Peter Füssl

"(...) with perceptible lightness Pacheco confronts seemingly crusted rhythm patterns with the possibilities of modern jazz piano and frees well-known titles from their ethnic corset. Pacheco doesn’t give a damn about conventions and genre limits; she includes both juvenile abandon and expert knowledge in playing the piano. (...)"
PianoNews, Juli/August 2014, Tom Fuchs - CD des DOPPELMONATS! Interpretation + Klang 6 Stars!

"(...) The pianist surprises with a diversity that goes far beyond the Latin jazz ambience."
Stereo, Juli 2014, Gerd Filtgen - 4 Stars!

"(...) she has an amazing sensitivity on the keys (...) withal studying composition in Havana Pacheco stands in good stead for her arrangements and originals. She skillfully connects Afro-Cuban rhythms with partly furious, partly contemplative jazz-improvisations without drifting into slackness or losing herself in technical-virtuosic showpieces (...)"
aboutjazz.de, 04. Mai 2014 und kulturport.de, 05. Mai 2014, Christoph Forsthoff

"There’s also delight in a nice backside (...) but those pictures shouldn’t distract from the music. On her new album the artist breathes new life into classics like "Mama Inés" or "El Manisero" and establishes a connection to great Cuban pianists like Bola de Nieve or Chucho Valdés. (...) She succeeded in recording a diversified Latin jazz album that adjusts Cuban music and therefore conserves it."
caiman.de (Kultur-und Reisemagazin für Lateinamerika, Spanien, Portugal), Juni 2014, Torsten Eßer

"Marialy Pacheco comes from Cuba indeed, but she has nothing to do with the conventional extractions of classical son-esthetics a la Buena Vista Social Club. She rather feels addressed by the possibilities to break out of structures and stereotypes jazzmusic will show her. (...) apart from that you won’t be safe from pleasant surprises which are presented by the instrumental cooperation of piano, drums and bass."
gästeliste.de, Mai 2014, Ullrich Maurer

"(...) it’s not always catchy what the band oft the pianist Marialy Pacheco plays but it’s definitely haunting. (...) One thing is for sure: the band knows what they are doing! (...)"
highresmac.de, 22. Mai 2014, Tom Semmler

"... Marialy Pacheco from Havana / Cuba - probably, in advance of the jazzparty, nobody in the audience had her "on the screen". She is not only an excellent pianist, her playing sounds a bit like elements from Chucho Valdes and Gonzalo Rubalcaba as well. Beside that, Pacheco is a great composer and arranger, who combines jazz and traditional Caribbean and South American elements to her unique and absolutely consistent own style of composition. A gigantic discovery at all!..."
Donaukurier (Karl Leitner), 10 Nov. 2014, über Ingolstädter Jazztage

"Purely instrumental Piano Solo albums are many in the jazz world. When an LP like this excellent record of Marialy Pacheco comes out of this pool, it lies in its simplicity to be at the level of these fantastic performances."
Vinyl-Fan.de - (o1/16 - Manfred Krug)

"New arrangements and original compositions, latin and cuban folk music, jazz and classical tradition meet and come together in a strangely fine, sometimes gentle, sometimes dynamically heavy sound, unfolding the great sound spectrum of the Bösendorfer Imperial, completed by the tension between technical precision and emotional enthusiasm. This sound is not often heard in the jazz world. A must have for the Jazz shelf - especially once one has listened to the seven-minute "Things Is not What They Used To Be.""
Hörerlebnis - Das Magazin für High Fidelity Album des Monats! (1/16 - Dr. Thomas Neumann)

"With her "Studio Concert" Marialy Pacheco raised once more a lot of attention. The Cuban pianist clearly belongs to the pianists with a great future! She plays classic, she loves Blues, she mastered Monk, she swings like the devil and of course she excels in the Cuban standard repertoire. So, there is nothing she can’t do - and that seems to be her credo. It's quite remarkable, that she holds back in her diabolical virtuosity, on this limited edition, only available as a vinyl album, And this restriction, this well-tempered indulgence, this interplay between mind and heart, is in itself great art."
Kulturkomplott - (02/16 - Jörg Konrad)

"The newest studio album of cuban pianist Marialy Pacheco, living in Germany, brings its listeners closely to the Bösendorfer Imperial. Pacheco shows a strong preference for Romantic piano (Brahms' "Lullaby"), but also for high speed and complex rhythmical displacements (original composition "Metro")."
Jazzthetik / 4 Stars****- (03/16 - Joachim Weis)

"Pacheco's exploration of the melody's inner pathways builds slowly, gaining in potency during improvisational runs which share pianist Keith Jarrett's rhapsodic, tumbling flow."
All about Jazz – Ian Patterson

"Marialy is a rare kind of musician who has a perfect blend of knowledge, touch, tone and freedom in her music. She seamlessly weaves in and out of musical stories and delights the soul with free flowing improvisation that takes the listener by surprise, causing us to trust her with our hearts and ears! She’s HOT!!!"
Tommy Emmanuel (Australian guitar player)

"Marialy takes you through a journey of passion for music that radiates the listener. It’s more than talent. It’s a gift!!!"
Karl Perazzo (Percussionist, Santana)

"Marialy’s art can not be trimmed to fit into convention or category, in her playing is the unity of youth and experience, both the carefree and the careful desire to live and create."
CD Universe


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