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Discography - Marialy Pacheco

Marialy Pacheco

DUETS order now
also available: Marialy Pacheco - Duets


Track Listing:

  1. El Bola
  2. Capricho do Sul
  3. Metro
  4. YOU
  5. Gitanerias
  6. Burundanga
  7. La Comparsa
  8. La Bikina
  9. El Bola "Warming Up" (Bonustrack)

Studio Konzert order now

Studio Konzert (180g Vinyl Limited Edition)

Track Listing:

  1. Ay! Mama Inés (06:25)
  2. Güajira Para Tulio (09:34)
  3. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be (07:04)
  4. Metro (06:02)
  5. Septiembre (10:04)
  6. Wiegenlied (07:01)

Introducing order now
also available: Hiromi - Voice


Track Listing:

  1. Ayi Mama Inés
  2. En El Camino
  3. El Manisero
  4. Cuban Suite: Rumba
  5. Cuban Suite: Danzon
  6. Cuban Suite: Conga
  7. Madrigal
  8. Tres Lindas Cubanas
  9. Metro
  10. Cambodian Smiles


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